23 May 2006

At least one problem with any proposed solution

To the illegal immigration problem, that is.  That problem is multiculturalism.  Assimilation is a function of many things, one of which is education.  Much of the education that immigrants receive is done by public schools, the vast majority of which seem to be staffed by committed multiculturalists.  For purposes of simplicity, let’s define multiculturalism as the conviction that no one culture is superior to any other.  This doctrine seems so rampant as to warrant the assertion that (with some exceptions, of course) we haven’t done a very good job of assimilating native-born citizens.  With those same unassimilated citizens teaching in the schools upon which we shall be relying to assimilate all these non-amnesty-receiving illegal immigrants, one wonders just how satisfied we be with any “comprehensive” immigration reform which would not include banning the teaching of multiculturalism.

I haven’t mentioned the courts, of course.  When one takes into consideration what they can do with imminent domain law, one doesn’t really want to wait to see what they do with immigration legislation, especially in the hands of a Supreme Court the majority of whose members seem friendly to the notion of applying foreign law in the adjudication of domestic cases.


Papa Ray said...

At the "Magnet" school my Grand Daughter is going to attend this coming year, there are 425 students enrolled, 152 are white, 52 are black, and the rest are Latinos.

The first two grades, (kindergarden and first grade have english language courses for the students. the Second and third grade has spanish language couses.

The ratio of students last year in the english language classes were 52 percent of the enrolled students, with a total of 160 latinos out of a total school enrollment of 394 students.

As you can see, the total enrollment has increased along with the latino students.

Magnet schools are supposed to "challenge" and are for students who in other government schools that have shown above average learning abilities. The Magnet schools goes thru grade six, just like regular elementry schools.

They have computers in every room plus a dedicated computer class with thirty two computers and a slew of printers and scanners. All federal gov. supplied.

It will continue they say, so that a third school will have to be built (there are two other Magnet schools). I don't have the numbers on the "regular" public elementry schools but I am sure they are about the same as far as percentages.

Papa Ray
West Texas

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