19 May 2006

A little R&R

In the midst of all the present chaos, confusion, trouble and tumult take a few moments to relax, take a deep breath and ponder deep thoughts with me.

You know how some people name their children after seasons of the year?  What if we named them after seasons of the day?  A friend of mine, whose last name is Wood, once told me he plans to name his first-born son Morning.  (I don’t know what he meanst by that, but it sounded funny so I laughted.

Speaking of wood:  If your last name were Smallwood, wouldn’t you hate for your first name to be Peter?  Or Richard?  (Hey, with a last name like Lector, you can imagine what sort of things my classmates did to my last name as a child.  The wounds still run deep.  Hold me.)

If the past tense of beach is beached, wouldn’t you think that the past tense of teach should be teached?  If the past tense of lie is lied, how come the past tense of buy isn’t buyed?  Makes perfect sense to me.

Okay.  Back into the breach (the past tense of which, by the way, is breached, and not braught, that is, of course, when breach is used as a verb, not a noun—because nouns don’t have past tenses).


Nora said...

Seriously, you don't know what your friend meant by "Morning?" You know, "Morning Wood." Hard on in the morning. :)Glad I could help.

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