30 June 2006

Just a little bit more on the Hamdan decision

Carol Platt Liebau posts several links to absurd Democrat comments on the aforementioned Hamdan decision.

Again: these comments are the sort of substance that can only ooze from orifices of people so concerned with being more-cosmopolitan-than-thou that they will pretend that, in a sword fight in which your opponent wants to slice off your head—for real—at his first opportunity, you should be observing the rules for fencing!

Democrats talk about the rule of law. Fine. What republican can have a problem with that? But they ignore the fact that there are different laws governing different activities. You don’t defend yourself against a real—and therefore deadly—sword attack by observing the rules of fencing.

And you don’t defend your country by observing the rules criminal procedure.

Have a nice fifth on your Fourth. I know I will. I need it.


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