13 June 2006

Thor has video on Coulter

In a previous post I mentioned the left’s attack on Ann Coulter. In a comment on the subject at Red Sky!, the mighty Thor posted video of Sean Hannity interviewing Coulter. As she explained her position, it occurred to me why the left has a certain affinity for terrorists: they use similar tactics. Terrorists like to hide behind women and children; so do the left. The left like to hide behind the Jersey Girls, Cindy Sheehan (who hides behind her son), Valerie Plame and, of course, “the children.” These “shields” have that weird thing called “moral authority” which makes them unassailable, not subject to question or criticism. (Sort of like the nobility of the medieval periond in Europe.) And this comes as no surprise to me: in my Army days the terrorists I was most concerned about were terrorists of leftist persuasion.

As Coulter says: Stop putting up spokesmen we cannot respond to. It’s so terrorist-like.

Yes. A whole lot in common. Especially when you think about the millions who died after the left forced us out of Vietnam.

P. S. Yes I know that an important difference between terrorists and the American left is that terrorists hide behind women and children while they actually kill people and the American left do not actually kill people while they are hiding behind those women and children. But the left generally use the most superficial similarities to make their cases. (You know: like when some of them liken the war in Iraq to the "quagmire" in Vietnam, or compare Hadith to My Lai.) I just thought I'd show what it looks like when the shoe is on the other foot. But I doubt they'd see the point.


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