06 February 2007
In all seriousness, and speaking of the Tanker Brothers, there’s a posting up on one of the most important aspects of the War on Terror: defense against the Caliphate. This desire of those we have been calling ‘Islamofascists’ to institute a world-wide Caliphate is an aspect of the War that gets very little attention. Too often, terrorists are treated as if they use their weapon of choice (i.e., terror) for no other objective than revenge. How silly!

A weapon used in warfare is a weapon used with an objective. Revenge isn’t a very intelligent objective. Conquest is. And it would be foolish to think that terrorists aren’t very intelligent and therefore we have not much to worry about when it comes to conquest. The people actually blowing themselves up may not be very intelligent, but the people higher up in the hierarchy are. Besides, you should never underestimate your enemy.

I wish we would hear and see more in the news on the subject of the Caliphate, especially since Osama bin Ladin claims Iraq is the capital of the Caliphate. As I’ve said before, the President may not be the smartest man ever to occupy the Oval Office, but he understands the significance of the Caliphate. Maybe that’s why he ignores popular opinion when it comes to the Iraqi theater. A majority of Americans may want the Iraqi theater to go away, but they can’t wish the Caliphate away. That fact trumps the opinion polls.


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