08 July 2005

Hello, Kettle? This is the Pot...

According to the New York times, conservatives are attacking AG Gonzalez. It is interesting that this would make the news. After all, if any group has a demonstrated history of attacking judicial nominees (and the AG hasn't even been nominated) it is the left. From Robert Bork to Clarence Thomas and the recent Bush appellate nominees, the left has launched an artillery barrage on one "conservative" nominee after another. (And Bork, who hasn't been nominated to another court since 1987, continues to be attacked by the left. Bill Bennett played a clip of some remarks made recently by Ted Kennedy about "Bob Bork's America". [Interview with Robert Bork (3d hour), Bob Bennett's Morning in America, KZNT 1460-AM, Colorado Springs, Co., 6 July 2005.])

Besides, nothing that I have heard said about the AG comes near to what has been, is, and most likely will continue to be said about "conservative"nominees.

Not, of course, that I am surprised at hypocrisy on the left. I have quite a few friends and relatives who are liberals. (I was a liberal in my mis-guided youth. I began my slow conversion during the summer of 1980 when--as a fifteen year old--I watched both the Democrat and Republican national conventions. By I digress.) It continues to amaze me how many of these liberal friends and relatives complain about our country's past sins. One of my favorite complaints is about how we stole this country from the natives. The loudest of these complainers--a child-less couple--lives in a huge house, on land once "owned" by the natives. Another interesting fact about all this: these same people complain about how some people have too much money and buy things they don't need. Yeah. Like houses bigger than the one which housed the Brady bunch! Apparently, the only people who aren't "too rich" are rich liberals. And isn't it odd that there is such a thing as a rich liberal? You would think that if they were really as generous as they whine that they (and no one else!) are, then not a single one of them would be rich.

If I were poor and these people were determined to help me, I would go down on my knees and pray, "God deliver me from my benefactors, for they are hypocrites."


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