28 July 2009

Criminals before the fact

Limbaugh has made a lot of (legitimate) hay out of the rather tame verbal beating one Robert Broadus of Clinton, Maryland, gave to Senator Ben Cardin on the subject of healthcare.

It is interesting to note, that in responding to Broadus, Cardin can only accuse him -- before the fact -- of being part of the cause of the healthcare problem. If you don't have healthcare insurance then, res ipsa loquitur, someone other than yourself is going to pay for you. Cardin has no way of knowing what Broadus is going to do if the circumstances he hypothesized come to fruition. For all Cardin really knows, Broadus is going to make a payment schedule with the hospital whose emergency services he employs. (That's what I have done, so it is a possibility.) But no, let's accuse Broadus of a crime. You don't have healthcare insurance so, obviously, you're going to fail to pay your hospital bill when the time comes.

And, with that simple move, we demonstrate just how reasonable that IRS fine really is. You deserve to be fined, because to be without healthcare is to be in default, even before there is a bill to pay, thus putting that burden on others. You miserable rat.

Always with these people, disagreeing with them means you're guilty of moral turpitude, or even a crime.

Ah, but that's The Prevention State for you: punishing you with fines and imprisonment before you actually cause any harm. That's why The Prevention State is justly characterized as a servile state.


Don't be fooled by the technical difficulties in the video: Robert Broadus is not a black man. Well, not a real one, anyway.

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