31 January 2013

Little-known secret: Many (if not most) intellectuals are not lovers of freedom, especially if they live off or otherwise benefit from government largess; so this, while interesting, is really no surprise. Those intellectuals who really are crazy about liberty are usually something else first, and intellectuals second...or third. Hans-Herman Hoppe suggests that the freedom-loving intellectual should really be called (I love this part) "an anti-intellectual intellectual".

And you haven't lived until you've read Hegel's transposition of the need for freedom of thought into a requirement that it be "protected" (I love it when they talk like that) by the state. (That's in his PHILOSOPHY OF LAW, section 270. Enjoy--or not.) I'm certain, it's one of those collective-action-to-protect-individual-liberty kind of things.


Trent said...

Hey! Did you get my email on asking the question how was New Geneva?
Also sorry about all the complainers from the last post.

James Frank Solís said...

Actually, no. Did you send that email to me at philologous.lector@gmail.com?

I don't think you can justly be held responsible for others' comments.

abeerfuad89 said...

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