22 May 2008

…unfortunately, the Republican Party

Even if you think our presidential choices this election year are between disgust and disaster, anyone who has ever been through a real disaster can tell you that this difference is not small. It is big enough to go vote on election day. -- Thomas Sowell, here. (H/T: Matteo)

From the American Thinker, yesterday:

Republicans have never been willing to play the political game by real-world rules. If [the] list of liberal felonies were extended backward -- say, to the 1960s (and what a job that would be!) -- how many of them would the left have been forced to answer for? A handful, at best. And those almost exclusively by individuals such as Ronald Reagan and the younger, vital Newt Gingrich, seldom by the GOP as a whole. Almost without exception, liberals have been allowed to take utterly obnoxious stances -- supporting the Viet Cong, abolishing DDT, undermining U.S. efforts against the Soviets -- and after they blow up, simply brush themselves off and walk away. They are never called to account, never made to explain themselves, never forced to mount a defense.

Look once again at Iraq. Liberals were wrong about the war, wrong about Al-Queda [sic], wrong about the Iraqi people, the government, and most recently, wrong about the Shi'ite militias. And they were wrong in a way that exacted a clear price, one that undermined the efforts of their own country, encouraged its enemies, and cost the lives of many innocent bystanders. Yet no one in the political sphere (partially excepting Joe Leiberman) has challenged them on it. Both Obama and Hillary are still repeating the same nonsense about immediate, unilateral retreat, based on mythology that was never true and has been disproven a dozen times over. And they will go straight into the general election saying the exact same thing, well aware that no one will call them on it.

The American left is not made to eat its failures. This must change. The only entity capable of forcing that change is, unfortunately, the Republican Party.
Yes. The Republican Party. Unfortunately. The same party which, though never perfect, seemingly cannot go fast enough in turning its back on the only leader to (1) make any successful attempt at holding leftists accountable for their failures and (2) make it a majority party for the first time since the Depression.

H/T: Anchoress


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