28 May 2008

With generosity like this...

David L. Bahnsen has a retort to Senator Obama’s Wesleyan University commencement address, here.

An excerpt:

Obama…is hand-delivering…good old-fashioned class warfare, and doing it as a rank hypocrite at the same time. I am not sure what I find more distasteful - hypocrisy, or socialism. Since we have had plenty of Presidents over the years who were guilty of hypocrisy, I think it is the message coming from this hypocrite that bothers me even more.The Obama family had adjusted gross income of $1 million in 2006 ($983k, to be exact). They have not released their 2007 numbers yet, which are expected to be over $1.2 million. In 2005, their adjusted gross income approached $1.7 million. They have not made less than $200,000 in any one calendar year in nearly a decade. Until 2005, they had not so much as given even 1.5% of their income to charity. In 2002, when they made $260,000, they gave $1,050 to charity. With generosity like this, I can see why some may be attracted to the welfare state that he endorses. After all, someone has to help the needy. (Emphasis mine.)
Paradoxically, the senator also told his audience that the selfless devotion to others would actually be self-serving. Of course, that raises the question: If I’m going to be a self-serving bastard, why not skip right over doing things for others and be, well, a self-serving bastard?

Besides, is it hardly an overwhelming concern for others, rather than oneself, which tells mothers it is perfectly acceptable to kill the unborn for the sake of their careers, convenience, whatever. If a woman cannot be prevailed upon to endure hardship (or simple inconvenience) for a baby, no one in the world ought to be induced to endure hardship (or simple inconvenience) for anyone else -- at all, ever.

Or, as I’ve asked before: If one does not have a right to be born into the world, how does one come to have rights simply by virtue of having been born? If you don’t have a right to be here in the first place, what entitles you to those things which make possible your continued presence here?

H/T: Kevin D. Johnson at Reformed Catholicism


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