05 November 2008

From fascism to socialism in a bloodless coup

That’s Jim Fedako’s reaction to the election.

The only redeeming feature of our political process is that we peacefully accomplished an ideological shift -- a coup of sorts -- that in almost every other instance led to blood in the streets. Of course, the shift is mere window dressing as both McCain and Obama stand for big government, big wars, and big deficits. The only difference between their respective agendas being which group of Americans loses through wealth redistribution and which Third World country watches their women and children suffer and die due to our foreign policy.
Jeffery Tucker delivers this keen comment:

Jim Fedako seems down in the dumps after the Obama victory, and it is easy to see why. If you think of this as a positive endorsement of [Obama's] Keynesian-socialist economic ideas, it looks like a terrible failure for classical liberals.

However, there is another way to look at it: a complete repudiation of the Bush regime of endless wars, welfare, bailouts, attacks on core liberties, and also (and this is important) the incredible arrogance of the Bush regime's assumption that it could forever rule by lie and be utterly disregarding of the ever rising public hated [sic] of him and his administration.

The worst aspect of a McCain victory would have been undeniable: it would have been seen as a ratification of Bush-style government, not only here but around the world. And despite the last-minute attacks on Obama's socialism etc., McCain is even worse than Bush on nearly every issue of foreign and domestic policy.

Bush is one of the most hated presidents in American history, and rightly so. How does an electorate deal with that? Voting against the candidate who is most like him is one way.

Repudiation of Bush? No doubt. But of welfare? No, I think everyone pretty much accepts the idea of welfare.

Repudiation of attacks on core liberties? I don't think so. I think alot of people will eagerly accept the attacks on the core liberty of property rights, attacks which may make Bush look tame by comparison. May.


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