04 November 2008

Number Two!!!

No, it doesn’t mean what you think it means.

In the midst of otherwise somewhat dismal news, at least my Texas Tech Red Raiders are ranked second in the BCS. My sister’s Texas Longhorns have dropped to fourth as a consequence of their Saturday loss to the aforementioned RED RAIDERS!!! (*ahem*).

I can’t remember where my brother’s Aggies are, but no one cares about them anyway. ;)

Note: One has to admit that Texas Tech worked hard for every point, as indicated by the score. I myself thought it was all over in that last minute and a half. Even when Crabtree caught that final pass and made it into the end zone I thought it was no good because he stepped out of bounds. But then, when I saw the replay, I jumped up so high that if not for the vaulted ceiling in my house, I might have bumped my head.

Also, depite being a fan (and therefore biased), I must say I was really impressed by Tech's agility at switching, even from play to play, from a passing game to a running game -- like picking up a beer. It was a beautiful thing. But that's why they call Coach Leach "The Mad Scientist".


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