04 August 2009

Why so serious?

Fans of His Beatitude are upset over this:

The poor dears.

One fan wants us to know it is Batman, not the Joker who is the socialist. After all, the Joker is really some sort of anarchist, while Batman, according to this O-fan, is the one "who champions the cause of the people and believes in a society where everyone works together for the common good. I mean he’s basically Leon Trotsky in a cape and cow." Funny, I thought of Batman as a libertarian, trying to free Gotham from those who wish to keep it in subjection. In both of the most recent Batman movies, Batman's nemeses are not capitalists, but thieves -- kind of like, well, socialists.

Too bad all these people are offended. His recent predecessor had to endure it too:

And endure it

and endure it,

and endure it,

etc, etc, etc. Blah, blah, blah.

But note: Those who applauded when it was Bush being unfavorably caricatured have no business complaining now that it's their man. And those who cried foul when it was Bush have no business cheering now.

H/T: Anchoress , Michelle Malkin


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