12 December 2005

A little busy...

Haven't blogged lately because I've been involved in a debate on the ordination of women in the PCA, here, in case you want to read my contributions to the debate.
02 December 2005

A couple of "relevant" articles

After you've read the aforementioned Dragon Master Gunner's posts, the Relevant Magazine has two good artilces worth the reading, Tim Willard, "Mimicking the Mainstream" and Brett McCracken, "A New Kind of Hipster". Here are snippets of each, respectively:

"The scandal of the evangelical mind is that there is not much of an evangelical mind," historian Mark Noll keenly observed of the current state of evangelicalism (The Scandal of the Evangelical Mind). However, it was not always this way. Evangelicalism has become a juggernaut of sorts in the present age, but possibly at the expense of its mind. The sub-culture that is evangelicalism has successfully morphed into a dominant political combatant, as well as a multi-billion dollar publishing (multimedia) empire. One must ask the questions, however: have Christians sacrificed scholarship and intellect for relevance? Have Christians truly become anti-intellectual? more

Of course, rebelling against stiff-establishment religion and assimilating spirituality to "happening" culture has been a part of the Church since the Jesus People hippified faith back in the '70s. Then with the extravagance of '80s televangelism, a new generation of young Christians desired to break the stigma of moneyed, political Christianity. Enter the age of Christian rock music. Throughout the '90s a new counterculture developed--the rock-gospel youth group--and to scores of young Jesus freaks, faith became something comparable to all the best things about worldly culture. We had music festivals, T-shirts, books, bracelets and movies of our own--perfectly sanitized alternatives to the trendiest things in the devil’s domain. more


The Master Blaster is Locked and Loaded!!!

There are some must-reads over at Gragon Master Gunner: this, and this, and this and, especially, this one.

Tankers lead the way, MG!!!

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