25 August 2010

On Where I've Been

I've been asked, via email and personal conversations, about the decrease in blogging activity. The short answer is, I've been working my through a required reading list, several, in fact, and for different purposes. (For one thing, I'm several issues behind in Faith and Philosophy. I have to leave it at that.

Also, I've been involved elsewhere in on-line discussions on topics such as Arizona SB 1070. That one was a knock-about of pure fun, revealing to me that opponents of the bill either haven't read it, or just know things that, as far as I'm concerned, just can't be known. There is a third possibility: they just have an ethnic chip on their shoulder and everything is an attempt to do no more than to knock off that chip.

One with whom I discussed the matter was just certain that he and his father, despite being citizens, were in jeopardy under the law. He couldn't say how, though. I mean, presently Arizona law simply permits law enforcement to check immigration status if there is reasonable doubt about that status. The new law would have required a check of immigration status if there were reasonable doubt. I asked several times precisely how he and his father were in danger under a requirement that they were not under a permission. Nothing. Then there was this silly assertion:

And last time I checked, a valid driver's license is not proof of citizenship.

And that was from someone who says he read the law carefully, the same law which stipulates that a valid driver's license (among other forms of identification) is acceptable as sufficient evidence that the bearer is not in the country illegally. I asked him about that, too. I'm still waiting for answers to both questions.

But mostly, I've been catching up on some reading and attending to family-related and house-hold matters. I intend to resume normal blogging, including the return of Wisdom Sunday, in about a month or so.

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