06 February 2007

Too much time on my hands

Well, it’s about the time of day when people start wandering about with coffee and snacks in hand. There’s a guy with a breakfast burrito.

Mmmmmm. Crescent rolls. I like crescent rolls. I’m feeling…inspired.

99 Crescent Rolls

(to the tune of 99 Red Balloons)

You and I in a pastry shop
Buy a bag of rolls with the money we’ve got
(The) plan was to set them out of sight
To wait unseen until midnight
But that bag of rolls like Pavlov’s bell
Sends its message; now I’m in hell
Floating in my stomach’s eye
Ninety-nine crescent rolls go by

Ninety-nine crescent rolls
Floating in my stomach’s eye
It's getting late. I salivate.
There’s nothing here to satisfy
Digestive system now alive
Opens up its famished maw
Big black hole, an ugly sight!
As ninety-nine crescent rolls go by

Ninety-nine lit cigarettes
Ninety-nine cups of coffee
Back and forth pacing, finger strumming,
To get my mind out of my tummy
I can’t believe my wife made cake
This is more than I can take
My will power is on the line
As ninety-nine crescent rolls go by

Niney-nine hallucinations
And each of them a crescent roll
It’s almost over; and I’m very hungry
In this jail that was my study
If I could find a book to read
To get my mind out of my stomach
But what’s this here? A crescent roll!
I think of Cindy, and then I hurl

No, it's not brilliant, but it sure passes the time.


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