07 February 2007
"The word is out that the southern border is undefended. Border agents won't dare to draw their weapons, and the drug cartel will double their effort to drive a wedge in our border." -- Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, R-Calif

Why would our federal government be party to railroading two border patrol agents?

That’s the question you’ll want to hear answered when you read this article by Jerome R. Corsi at WorldNetDaily:

"Department of Homeland Security official admitted today the agency misled Congress when it contended it possessed investigative reports proving Border Patrol agents Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean confessed guilt and declared they 'wanted to shoot some Mexicans' prior to the incident that led to their imprisonment" (emphasis mine).

Why would DHS do that?

When I was in the Army the mission of my unit (3d Armored Division) was to guard the West German border from invasion by the Soviet bloc. Here, I sit in my own country while foreign nationals (some of them armed and uniformed) cross our border like it’s not even there. Two Border Patrol agents shoot a drug dealer and end up in federal prison, while the drug dealer they shot gets ummunity and a green card.

Some 218 years ago the original thirteen states of our union formed this union, and thereby created the federal government, for, among other things, their mutual (i.e., ‘common’) defense. Presently, the fed have virtually thrown down a “Welcome” mat at our southern border. Residents of a nation who would not extend like courtesy to us traipse across that mat with impunity. When one of the purposes of our constitution (‘common defense’) is thwarted by the very entity charged with the duty of carrying those purposes in effect, what recourse do the people in the states have?

A drug dealer has a green card. Two Border Patrol agents, who as it turns out may not be guilty of the crimes they were charged with, are in federal prison.

Homeland Security. I feel so safe. I wonder if the President is as lax about his property lines in Crawford, Texas as he is about our border.

P. S.
It won’t do any good dropping the ‘racist’ bomb here: my father is of Mexican descent. This isn’t a race thing. It’s a ‘hey-do-we-have-a-country-here-or-not’ thing. I find it easy to tolerate people who need work. But immunity anc green cards for drug dealers? As we used to say when I was in the Army, “@#%&* that!!!”

H/T: Freedom Folks


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