12 August 2008

No (Russian) blood for oil?

Apparently the reconquista is all, or mostly over now -- maybe -- but they certainly got far.

Did you catch the part, about thirty seconds in, where we heard that very few Russians are questioning their country’s motives or tactics? One doesn’t quite know what to do with that. On one hand you might want to applaud their patriotism. On the other you want to know how free they feel to question their government’s motives or tactics, or if they are just mushrooms, kept in the dark and fed fecal matter.

Given the Russian population in South Ossetia (and Georgia's rather aggressive move to regain control of South Ossetia), I imagine it’s patriotism. If Russians were more like Americans thousands would be protesting and placing bumper stickers on cars (yes, already) which read, “Free Georgia”, “No blood for oil!” and things like that. There's got to be some oil involved somewhere, somehow. I just know it.


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