15 August 2008

Sacramone a hottie

Well, it rhymes anyway.

Hottie? I don’t know about that, but…

According to Fox News.com, Alicia Sacramone is an internet “hottie”. This despite her "screwups”.

Hottie. I’ve never like that word applied to women. It connotes that which is prized for its ability to stimulate, specifically sexually. Think I’m exaggerating?

A commenter at one site, according to Fox, has this to say about her:

SHE'S 20, so she's not jailbait!

Jailbait refers to a girl with whom one can legally have sexual intercourse. Think about what this young lady is able to do, even taking into account her “screwups”. What is most worthy of note for this guy? Her value as the possible source of sexual satisfaction.

Don’t get me wrong. She is beautiful.

My wife thinks so too. We’re both very impressed with Sacramone. But what makes her most attractive is her grace under pressure, grace and poise which she maintained even after her “screwups” – what the British call (or used to call) keeping a stiff upper lip.

Kind of like this:

I grew up in a house in which females out-numbered males almost 2 to 1. I have too much respect for females to think of them – or to have much patience for those who do think of them – primarily in terms of their ability to sexually gratify, even if only as “eye candy”.

I’m perhaps also a bit sensitive here because I have a little girl of my own, who is just three years older than Sacramone. I also have four nieces.

We have an Olympian here, including Olympian in the sense of controlling of her emotions. And what grabs some peoples’ attention is that she isn’t “jailbait”.

Not jailbait.

Enjoy those pictures, pal. You'll get closer to her only in your dreams, and her nightmares.


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