08 August 2008

Why I want to be President

Not that I could answer the question better than Barak Chrysostom, here:

I'm just spit-balling here, but if I were running for President and were asked the same question I think I would say something like this:

I want to be President because I believe I can do the job better than my opponent, who believes, apparently, that he is running for the office of Savior, not President. The job of the President, while difficult in many respects, is really quite simple. His job is not single-handedly (or with the help of his party) to save the country. The Constitution (perhaps you’ve heard of it?) specifies the job of the President: to see that the laws passed by Congress are faithfully executed, to exercise the office of commander in chief of the armed forces – not the economy, to make treaties (with the concurrence of two-thirds of the Senate); things of this nature. I want to be President because I think the American people need someone in the White House who actually believes in them. Someone who doesn’t think they are intellectually inept because they haven’t been convinced of the moral superiority of Marxism, and the intellectual credentials of multiculturalsim and globalism. Someone who believes that they are smart enough to handle a lot of the problems we have through the agency of the governments of the states they live in. The states, by the way, where these problems exist. I want to be President because I believe the American people need to have the experience of having a government seated in Washington, D.C., not Austin, or Denver, or wherever, leaving them the heck alone when it comes to a lot of the issues they face. I want to be President because I think the American people need a President they can believe in simply because he believes in them and trusts them to do the right thing wherever they live without looking to Washington for permission, or for a blessing. I know I can’t do the job of national savior, I think I can do that job. I want to be President because for all the faults of her past, I think there is a lot of good in this country that is worth protecting and defending; and I think she should be led by someone who loves her and has offered his life for her, not someone who can’t wait to “dis” the mean, old bitch. And finally, I’d like to be President because I think it would be just bitchin’ to be the leader of the youngest and still most successful and powerful republic in world history. Positively bitchin’. Hooah! ¡Y dale shine!
Obviously, I’m not the orator that Golden-mouth is, but there it is in a nutshell. Yes, a bit tongue in cheek; but I think in this case tongue in cheek beats, “I want to be President because (as I’ve said on many occasions) this country sucks and I am going to make it stop sucking.”

I’m James Frank Solís, and I approve this blog posting.


This country is not what it once was? I thought it was just within the past several months that Michelle Obama said that for the first time in her adult life she is proud of her country. At what point in the past was this country doing so well that Obama wouldn’t feel compelled to run for President? When this country was what it once was what, exactly, was it? And when was that? The eighties, the decade of greed? The seventies, the decade of American defeat? Perhaps it was the sixties, the decade of the Civil Rights revolution. That would have to be it. It couldn’t have been any decade before the sixties, the era of separate but equal. Or, perhaps, Senator Obama refers to the nineties, when there was a Democrat in the White House. That’s another possibility.

Michelle Obama is for the first time proud of her country, which, oddly enough, is not what it once was, thus requiring a Barak Obama presidency. Curiouser and curiouser.


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