27 March 2006

One Thousand Word Picture

Take a good look at this picture. Posted by Picasa

In my last post, I was concern to stress the importance of distinctions, relevant distinctions. The photograph above is technically correct: the US was, in fact built by immigrants. This would be a good point if anyone was talking about stopping all immigration. Maybe some are, but this protestor is not dealing with that particular issue. The protestor is addressing the issue of current proposed legislation that deals with illegal immigration.

This is an exercise in deliberately ignoring an issue. No one is talking about immigration per se; the current proposed legislation is not designed to stop immigration. The issue is illegal immigration. The question is whether the US were built by illegal immigrants. And even if someone wanted to claim that the US were built by illegal immigrants, previous abuse is no argument against proper use.

Many people are trying to immigrate here legally. They are waiting upwards of 18 months for the paperwork to go through. They are following the laws. Those who immigrate illegally decide that the laws don’t apply to them.

Many of those who are opposed to the proposed legislation are liberals, Democrats. It is interesting to watch them favor immigrants who migrate here illegally, while at the same time screaming about an illegal war in Iraq, and a President who, they claim, ignores the law in order to spy on Americans. I don’t want to make any unwarranted assumptions about the protestors, so it would be interesting to see the results of a poll which would ask respondents how they feel about the legality of the war in Iraq and about illegal immigration.

You know, one of the arguments in favor of illegal immigration, when whittled down to essentials is, “It’s good for us.” One of the arguments in favor of invading the sovereign nation of Iraq and deposing Saddam Hussein is a great deal similar to that one.

So, I guess one question that I have is why can we permit illegal immigration on the one hand, but not an illegal war? Another question is, “We’re a sovereign nation. Why isn’t it wrong for our neighbors to the south to invade us?” Shouldn’t a sovereign nation be able to define by law who gets in and why?

I used the word invasion. At several of these rallies there have been many more Mexican flags than US flags and people chanting, “México! México! Sí se puede!” (“Mexico! Mexico! Yes we can.”) One would expect that if these rallies were about what is good for the US, by people who wanted to be Americans, there would be no Mexican flags and that the chants would be something like “Queremos ser norte americanos!” (“We want to be Americans!”) As it is they are telling us, “We’re here! We’re Mexicans! Get used to it!” (Recall the leftist reaction to the flying of the US flag on Iraqi soil and compare the disimilar reaction to the flying of the Mexican flag on US soil.)

I live two doors down from an immigrant, a German immigrant. He flies the US flag, not the German flag. He has flown the US flag every day since 9-11-01; and he was the first one on my block to do so. That shamed me.

So let’s not pretend that these immigrants want to participate in our building project. In flying their nation’s flag on our soil and chanting as they did, they have made their loyalties quite clear.

You want to immigrate here? Fine by me, if you will do so legally. Want to fly your nation’s flag? Then go back to that nation you are so proud of and fly that flag on your own soil. For I have no doubt what would happen to me if I vacationed down south and flew my nation’s flag out my hotel window.

Lest anyone think that my motivation is racist: I am the proud descendant of both Viking and Spaniard explorers on my mother’s side. I am the adopted son of a Mexican-American. Viva los estados unidos!


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