07 September 2006

Ignoring the Constitution? What Constitution?

I can't contextualize it, so I don't know if it was recent or some sort of replay, but I heard Senator Shumer ciriticize the Administration for, among other things, ignoring the Constitution.

It really galls me to hear liberal Democrats--the same people who inform us that the Constitution is a "living, breathing document"--talk about ignoring the Constitution. It is awfully darn difficult to ignore something that isn't there in any significant way, as I observed some time ago:

If the Constitution really is a "living, breathing" document then there is no constitution. If the meaning of the text just changes over time, then the text really doesn't say anything. Consider the right to an abortion. Today, the "living, breathing" document gives us this right. But this same right could be gone tomorrow. (And it will be, says the left, if Goerge Bush gets his nominees on the court.) And right there, they reveal that they do not believe this "living breathing" document excrement either. Right there, they reveal that they really do understand that it is not the document that is living and breathing, but the justices who "interpret" (we should really say, translate) the oracle. But I digress.)

This same right could be gone tomorrow because the "living, breathing" document, whose meaning changes over time, could (it is at least hypothetically possible, is it not?) change back to a document that no longer protects or recognizes that right. (Is it not the least bit interesting that this "living, breathing" document is a left-liberal, and not a right-conservative, document?) And so it is with all of our rights. This "living, breathing" document could change into a document that no longer gives us the rights to freedom of speech and peaceful assembly, or of the press, or religion. Why this living, breathing document could once again give us the right to own slaves. It could give law enforcement officers the right to interrogate suspects without "Mirandizing" them. It could take away our right to trial by jury. This "living, breathing" document could become as arbitrary a ruler as the worst tyrant--all the while hiding from simpletons the fact that the real tyrants are the black-robed pretended prophets who claim to be translating for us the will of this living, breathing, riddle speaking oracle.

When people tell you (a) something like that the Constitution is a "living, breathing document" whose meaning changes over time and (b) that someone is guilty of ignoring that living, breathing document whose meaning changes over time, then you may rest assured that you are being addressed by someone who takes it for granted that you are stupid.


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