07 December 2007

Descartes on the reading of good books

I've been re-reading Descartes Discourse on Method. Last night I came across this gem on the reading of good books. Don't know how it failed to impress itself upon me the other times I read it.

"[R]eading good books is like a conversation with the noblest people of past centuries--their authors--indeed, even a studied conversation in which they uncover only the best of their thoughts...." -- Descartes, Discourse on Method, 5 (Adam & Tannery edition).

Yes. And these conversations are all the more pleasurable when accompanied by good, strong drink -- coffee or scotch are best. (Beer when conversing with Martin Luther, of course!)

One doesn't want to blog on this date without some mention of the fact that it is a date which will live "in infamy".


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