12 February 2009

Well, no listening to Limbaugh today, I guess.

Someone needs to educate Limbaugh about Abraham Lincoln. Really. Limbaugh -- freely acknowledging Lincoln's treatment of his opponent -- sings praises to Lincoln's name for (unconstitutionally) freeing slaves and preserving the union.

He did neither.

Limbaugh, clearly a believer in what Thomas DiLorenzo calls the "mystical union of states" laments: If Lincoln hadn't done what he did the United States wouldn't be one country. It would be two.

One who believes in the consent of the governed shouldn't have a problem with that.

No. The United States would indeed be one country. So would the Confederacy. Two countries. What's wrong with that? The United States are one country. The United Mexican States are one country. Canada is one country. When the thirteen colonies seceded from the British Empire, the British Empire didn't become two countries. It just became a smaller country. So would it have been had the Confederate States won the war for their independence from the Union. There is nothing wrong with there being multiple countries.

This is one of those areas where Limbaugh, an obvious statist, and I part company. It is thoroughly absurd for Limbaugh to believe that it was legitimate for the colonies to secede from the British Empire, but not for any states to secede from a union they freely joined. Limbaugh believes in divorce, but not secession.

And to think, I wasn't going to say anything about Lincoln today.

There is some legend that, at some point, Lincoln came to faith in Jesus Christ. Well, I wish him well in the blessings of the eternal state. But, meanwhile, back on earth, he destroyed, not preserved, the union.

And it is trying my patience listening to Rush -- who believes the un-federal government is becoming increasingly tyrannical -- genuflect before the mythical Lincoln. Limbaugh probably thinks the Roman Empire fell because of its immoralities.

Wait. Maybe I will keep listening. He's just promised to spend a great deal of time singing the praises of Cessna.


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