14 June 2007

Now it’s “You’re in favor of this bill, or you’re in favor of doing nothing.”

(An update to my previous posting.)

Well that’s what Tony Snow has just told Laura Ingraham . That’s the nature of polical discourse in the country today: let the logical fallacies fly, strawman arguments, false dilemmas, ad hominem. Let ‘em rip! Yeehah!

What was Laura’s problem with the bill? It doesn’t first tighten up the border, and then deal with the 12 million illegal “guest workers”. (I’ve decided to stop calling them “illegal immigrants”, since they are supposedly here only to work and then go back home. Or should we call them
“gate-crashing workers”?)

We critics of the present bill simply do not understand why supporters refuse to acknowledge that our illegal guest worker problem involves two discreet problems: (1) the porous border; (2) the 12 million illegal guest workers who illegally crossed that border. Being in favor of stopping the flow across the border and then debating the disposition of those 12 million illegal guest workers hardly makes one in favor of doing nothing.

I discovered last night that the drain to my bath tub is clogged. When I noticed that the plug was open, but the tub was filling I turned off the water, thus preventing any more water from entering the tub. And then I worked on doing something about the water in the tub. I suppose I could have just turned water flow down a bit, maybe just almost all the way off. But shutting it completely off and then working on the clog just seemed like a better plan.

You know, it still does.



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