20 June 2007
Oh, goodie. Another immigration bill. You can download it (i.e., S. 1639) here.

It looks to be as much fun to read as S.1638.

On the subject of illegal guest worker program,
from the Christian Science Monitor:

Mexico's ambassador to Washington warns, even the "rosiest, peachiest" reform in the US won't end the flow of poor migrants. Reform must also take place in Mexico.

Golly gee, Mister Ambassador. Ya think?

Mexico, to be honest, certainly have their hands full. President Felipe Calderon, according to the aforementioned article, has dispatched 24,0000 troops to deal with the drug cartels. Of course,
as the Houston Chronicle informs us, over 100,000 Mexican troops have deserted the Mexican Army to work for the drug cartels. That makes part of our illegal guest worker problem an economic problem, supply and demand. It’s the duggies in the U. S. Apart from their demand for the cartels’ products, what business opportunities would they have here?

Who knows? Perhaps the Senate have also deserted for service with the cartels.

(Read that Houston Chronicle article and ask yourself: If I lived in such a country, wouldn’t I want to live and work in someplace like the U. S.? Of course you would; so would I. But that fact does not mitigate against the right of a nation state to control its borders.)


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