25 June 2007

Strange bedfellows

Recently, Linda Chavez took opponents of the senate bill to task for racism, saying that while many of them may not be racist their opposition to the bill means that they are “comfortable” in the company of those who are racists.

Now, as it turns out, we may find that our opposition to the bill also means we are “comfortable” in the company of (non-racist) leftists.

My internet acquaintance and “colleague”, Josue Sierra, blogs on six hispanic organizations opposed to the senate’s immigration spill – I mean, bill:

1. The Hispanic Federation
2. The Labor Council for Latin American Advancement
3. The League of United Latin American Citizens
4. The National Alliance of Latin American and Caribbean Communities
5. The National Day Laborer Organizing Network
6. The William C. Velasquez Institute

Sierra's last sentence sums up nicely a concern I share with him:

I'm concerned that La Raza is not fighting against it... I wonder why?
I too wonder why. I wonder why because the aforementioned latino groups are not right wing. What is it? Is it that La Raza is to the right of these groups? It’s hard to imagine that: William C Velasquez was once a state-level (Texas) Coordinator of El Movimiento Social de la Raza Unida (The Social Movement of the United Race) and later Field Director of the Southwest Council of La Raza.

In the end, it doesn’t matter much because I’ve read substantial portions of the bill, and entire analyses of the bill. But it is instructive to hear the silence from the media when it comes to “brown” – and leftist – opponents of the bill.


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