11 September 2008

In memory of the 9-11 attacks, but probably not a great idea

When talk began of building again on the site of the WTC, I hastily drew this preliminary sketch as I reflected on the event and what sort of building I'd like to see at the site. It wasn't done in earnest and really reflects only my attitude at the time. I called it, simply, Defiant Tower.

You can see why I wasn't in earnest when I drew it. My wife said, "It's obscene!" I freely admit that it is.

For that reason it would, of course, be entirely out of the question to build such a thing. It should probably have been out of the question to conceive, much less draw such a thing, especially given the meaning involved. I was really after something which says, "Up yours!" But we really don't have one, so this was as close as I could get. I suppose I could have sketched something which incorporated the peace symbol. I just wasn't feeling all that peaceful the day I drew this.

NOTE: I drew it in Microsoft Paint, rather than in my CAD program. That's why it's so rough.


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