12 September 2008

Okay, Jesus was a community organizer...of sorts

But so what?

Still ticked off about Palin's unflattering comparison of small-town mayors and community organizers, Democrats as everyone knows have rebuked Palin by "reminding" her that Jesus was a community organizer, while it was Ponitus Pilate who was a governor. Apparently, people who are community organizers are good and laudable just by virtue of being community organizers; and they are good because Jesus, a community organizer, was good. And people who are governors are bad and despicable just by virtue of being governors because Pontius Pilate, a governor, was bad.

Weren't Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton governors?

If you think about it, the mafiosi were community organizers. The founders of the Crips, the Bloods, the Gangster Disciples were all community organizers. I'm using the term "community organizer" the way Obama supporters use in the comments on the article I linked above. My purpose is not to liken Senator Obama to gang members. My purpose is to show that being a "community organizer" is not praise worthy in and of itself. And being a governor is no sin.

In all this, let it not be forgotten that Palin's remarks about a mayor being like a community organizer except having real responsibilities were in response to unflattering remarks made by the senator about small town mayors. I guess for community organizers and their fellow travellers it's always open season on small town mayors (and governors) while community organizers are on something like an endangered species list.

It is also true that the truth claim in Palin's remarks have not been denied. That is to say, we have yet to hear that community organizers have anything like the sort of governing authority and responsibility which mayors and governors have. So she's not in trouble for saying something untrue, just for saying something negative, something belittling, as opposed to something which clarifies an ostensible -- and relevant -- difference between mayors and community organizers.


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