09 September 2008

More of the same? Great, considering the alternative.

I love this ad.

If the alternative to someone who thinks (rightly, I might add) that the fundamentals of the economy are strong and who owns seven houses is Senator Obama then, yes, I’ll gladly take four more years of the same.

Besides, I reject the notion that anyone, even a President, has to be “in touch” with me and my problems in order to do the job. I don’t need anyone to be “in touch” with me; I don’t need anyone to “feel my pain”. I prefer someone who thinks that, as a science, economics is no more about the equal distribution of wealth than biology is about the equal distribution of intellingence. I prefer someone who does not think that government exists to do for you what you cannot, or will not do for yourself. I prefer someone who prefers statehood to statism, someone who thinks that the Constitution protects formal rights, not material rights.

I also don’t think that someone who can afford $18K to $20K for tuition to send his daughters to a private school, is really in touch with most Americans. He certainly is not in touch with me. I may not be struggling to pay my mortgage (yet!), but I certainly don’t have $20K to spend on tuition.

Now, getting back to that business about the fundamentals of the economy being strong: they are. The problem for Democrats, especially the more socialist-leaning types, is not that our economy isn't fundamentally strong. The problem for them is that our economy is fundamentally wrong -- because it is still fundamentally capitalist. They think it should be fundamentally Marxist. How else to explain that every so-called economic crisis is to them justification for making the economy more and more “social” (i.e., Marxist) in structure?

NOTE: One of the reasons I'm not stuggling to pay my mortgage is that I did not seek a mortgage I should have known I cannot afford. Neither could I have been pressured into an unaffordable mortgage by an "unscrupulous, predatory" lender: I have some backbone. Nor was I sold a mortgage, despite the huge risk, because of the minority group to which I belong (i.e., hispanic). I have a mortgage for the old-fashioned reasons: my income and my credit rating make me an acceptable risk.

Some of those who are struggling to pay their mortgages have themselves, not the "out of touch" Senator McCain, to blame for their present circumstances. The specific problem is one of the Seven Deady Sins: Envy.


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