24 September 2008

Not even half-empty

This is a rant. I freely admit it.

Phil Gramm got in trouble for saying that we are a nation of whiners. That’s one of the difficulties in this country right now: people who complain about a man calling them whiners with no – absolutely no consideration – ever given to the question of whether the statement is true.

I don’t know how many people out of 300 million half to whine in order for us to be called a nation of whiners without the one who does so getting in trouble for it. But you have to love it when, in the course of a conversation which is not even political (yes, I have those sorts of conversations more than one might think) one mentions hearing a news story on the radio that, so far, about 93% of mortgages are still being paid, what is immediately shot back (and I do mean shot) is, “What about the 7%?”

If unemployment is at 6% and you point out that this means, thank the good Lord, that 94% of us are still working, you get told that you care nothing for your fellow man, or the plight of the poor or some such thing.

If you are told that such-and-such-a-number of people live below the poverty line and compare how relatively good the poor have it compared to what ‘poverty’ means in MOST OF THE WORLD, you will be told you have no compassion.

Quite obviously, for liberals, a glass half-full (or half-empty) is completely empty. Heck, a glass 93% full might as well be empty. News not 100% good is 100% bad. Moral or economic imperfection is morally or economically wholly evil. No surprise that these are the same people who, when it comes to things like race relations in America, do not acknowledge any improvement whatsoever. No surprise that, to them, we are losing in Iraq.

If the news is 7% bad, then there is absolutely, positively, without question or exaggeration, any good news. At all.

One wishes we could, and would, just stop listening to liberals. Nothing is, or will ever be, good enough for them. They want heaven on earth and until they get it they will insist they are living in hell.

Okay. Rant over.


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