13 September 2005

It's always your fault--even when it's my watch

This will be a short blog. It will also, I think, be my last on anything related to Hurricance Katrina.

It is a singular irony, is it not? The same people (i.e., Democrats) who hounded President Bush to admit at least one mistake regarding the war in Iraq--and criticized him vehemently when he would not--will not breathe a hint of any wrong-doing with respect to the disaster in New Orleans. Nothing about any of this is any Democrat's fault. When a major heatwave killed over 700 in Chicago back in 1995, I just don't recall Republicans claiming that President Clinton was responsible. I don't even recall whether anyone claimed that Mayor Daly was responsible. Incredible.

Now, I agree with Charles Krauthamer: there really is plenty of blame to go around. But to listen to Democrats, everything about this is Republicans' fault; it is just a matter of figuring out how. And nothing in the way of any blame is to be laid at the feet of Mayor Nagin (who, if he had any sense of honor, would fall on his sword) and Governor Blanco. One would think that FEMA is an interstate first-responder; it isn't. Local and state organizations--in that order--are the first responders.

What troubles me further is the number of Republicans who have jumped on the big, bad Blame-Bush Bandwagon. I am with Laura Ingraham: I would like to see more backbone on the part of Republicans on all this.

As I stated in a previous post, there are issues regarding federalism that are raised by the disaster--and the Democratic response to it. It is time to start paying attention to the nomination hearings on Judge Roberts.


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