31 October 2006

And he wanted to be Commander in Chief?

As we all know by now, Senator Kerry thinks that those who are 'stuck in Iraq' are so because they are uneducated. Once again a member of the Left demonstrates that they have no idea who is in our military. Once again we are treated to a variation on a well-known theme: People join the military because they are uneducated, unskilled dolts with no other prospects.

One would think it easy enough to find out who is in our military. I personally know someone who thought she knew. She tried to tell me that military life is all about not thinking for yourself. I spent a pretty good half-hour talking to her about my own military experience. She had never heard that--in the Army at least--we train as if successful completion of a mission might come down to the ranking private--because it just might.

Her reason for thinking she knew anything? She briefly dated a guy who'd been in the Army and he told her that it was all about being a mindless robot.

More than likely, he was one of those arrogant jackasses who thinks his superiors ought to consult his opinion on all matters and that the Op Order ought to be put to a vote or something. He may also have been miffed because no one said "Please" and "Thank you" when they told him to "Drop" -- which, I suspect, probably happened to that jackass quite a lot.

It is well known that I find most of the positions held by the Left to be the result either of emoting (rather than thinking) or (when thinking is even attempted) the use of faulty reasoning. In the case of this particular woman, the logical fallacy employed in her reasoning was hasty generalization. Imagine thinking that you know who is in your nation's armed forces just because you have been acqauinted with one member of it.

But in this case, I think that John Kerry is worse. As a Senator, he has access to information about who is in our armed forces. He knows.

And that makes him a lying sack of --.

Well, you get my point.


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