09 October 2006

The Real October Surprise

Well, a caller to Michael Medved's show has let the cat out of the bag. It seems that North Korea's nuclear test was part of a deal between the President and Kim Jong Il. Yes, this is the Republicans' October surprise, designed to distract our attention from the real, most pressing issue of our day, Pederastigate.

This October surprise would probably have worked too.

Oh, for the good old days, when you could have a sex scandal involving someone who actually had sex. Instead we have this vaudeville show with Democrats center stage, pretending to be concerned that someone was talking about sex. Sex with minors--who, to listen to the left in the first place, are having more sex than any other segment of our society.

More than likely, Republicans might make as much of this if it involved a Democrat. Maybe. But it would still be just as distasteful to me.

I just wish the President's attempt at an October surprise would have worked better. We'll probably still be talking about Pederastigate until after the elections.

Oh, yes: the whole war in Iraq is a diversion from the opium trade, which is controlled by the CIA.

Did I neglect to mention that it's 'Conspiracy Day' on Medved's show?


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