05 November 2007

A dirty little secret

One of my favorite bumper stickers (right up there with "God is too big to fit in one religion") reads "I'm not rich enough to be a Republican."

The stereotype of the rich Republican is maximized to the highest extent possible during election season. The truth is, in fact, quite the contrary:

Income disparity – to use the class warrior’s favourite term – is greatest among the districts of lawmakers that lead each party’s campaign arm. Maryland senator Chris Van Hollen chairs the Democratic congressional campaign committee. With more than 36,000 prosperous households and a median income of nearly $70,000, his suburban Washington district even out-sparkles Ms Pelosi’s. In contrast, fewer than 5,000 such wealthy households are found in the largely rural district of his Republican counterpart, Tom Cole from Oklahoma. The median income there is only $35,500.

It doesn't matter to me which party has more rich people in it. The question is largely irrelevant. The real question is which party has positions which I think -- by and large -- are better for the country. The answer to that question is not determined by the answer to the question, "Which party has the most rich people in it?"

However, if a party is going to be held up as a party only for the rich, then the assertion should be true, even if it is an ad hominem argument -- the most popular argument in political discourse today.


Speaking of political discourse, it was disappointing to hear Rush Limbaugh mock an Inuit for crying during congressional testimony on the loss of culture her people experience due to global warming. Even if anthropogenic global warming is not true, it's poor form to mock people who think they've been harmed, even if they are incorrect. If your position is that global warming, even if true, is not anthropogenic, it certainly serves no good purpose to mock someone who thinks it is and that she is a victim. And it certainly makes some people disinclined to hear your case.

Did I mention that it's poor form?


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