06 November 2007

We are fools to reject logic like this

Barbara Boxer recently explained why we should accept uncritically scientists claims about global warming.

It's like this. When scientists told us that cigarettes cause cancer, we didn't question them. When they told us that HIV causes AIDS, we didn't question them. (Well, anyone who did, as we know, was a whacko.)

They were correct about smoking and cancer. They were correct about HIV and AIDS. We didn't question them then. They must be correct about humans and global warming. We shouldn't question them now.

Athena has spoken. Let all the earth keep silence before Her.


Then there's Russ Feingold, another Congressional genius. He doesn't think we can rely on Mukasey as attorney general because Mukasey won't agree with Feingold and others that waterboarding is torture.

One has to wonder, why does not the Congress make it a federal crime for a U. S. interrogator to use waterboarding as a method of aggressive interrogation? For you see, if they would do that, then it would not matter whether the Attorney General agreed that waterboarding is torture. The Attorney General is the chief law enforcement officer of the United States and his office, the Department of Justice, must prosecute those who are accused of breaking federal law. What Feingold wants is for an Attorney General to share an opinion with him and his cohorts and, apparently, to have that opinion be granted the force of law, and violators of this opinion to be prosecuted.


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