22 October 2008

We all want to spread the wealth, but…

According to a FOX News poll

Most Democrats think spreading the wealth is a good idea (66 percent) and most Republicans think it is a bad idea (72 percent). Independents split 47 percent good idea and 41 percent bad.
Actually, we all agree that it’s a good idea to spread the wealth. We differ on how it actually is done best. Some of us think it’s best done when the government tries to do it, as it has done since at least the days of Hoover. (Yes, you read that correctly. I said Hoover.) It has been failing ever since, and using government-caused economic crisis after government-caused economic crisis to justify ever more power to interfere with the economy.

And some of us think a free market spreads wealth better than a “regulated” market. A regulated market isn’t neutral, unlike a free market: it is always “regulated” to some group’s advantage.

Yes, I know. Supposedly, our present crisis is the result of a free market. Right.

If we have, or have had in recent history, a free market then either I missed it, or the word free means something to me that it doesn’t to others.


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