26 July 2006

Bye, bye, Blogger. The countdown begins...

maybe. Not today. But soon. Maybe.

Still thinking about joining the Great Migration to Townhall. I get tired of Blogger's garbage. Just need to check out Townhall some more. If their bugs are worse... . Maybe figure out a way to move my archives over there also. Perhaps I should ask Josue about that. I also need to determine whether I really need to continue to blog pseudonymously anymore. There was a time when it was necessary; and it may have passed. (Not to mention the fact that I like my real name.) But since it has more to do with others’ safety, privacy, etc., and not mine, I’m not sure. On the other hand if I start blogging elsewhere non-pseudonymously then how will anyone know it’s me? Hmmmmm. I could call myself The Blogger Formerly Known As Philologous.


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