07 July 2006

Now here is someone who understands the economics of jury redistribution

This, if the allegations are true, is the story of a man who, tragically for his children, understands how some people go about getting rich: by suing corporations.  Juries have been encouraged to “send a message”.  The sad thing about a message (are you paying attention Times al-Nuyoriqi?) is that the message is not received only by the people for whom it is intended.  Corporations have received the message: there is some type of warning on virtually every product sold in the US.  Unfortunately, unethical non-corporate entities have also received the message: stupid people, sitting on juries, will give someone’s money away in order to “send a message”.

Some might say that this is further evidence of the need for tort reform.  But if we analyze this the way that the left analyze gun issues, we would have to say that it’s evidence of the need for doing away with jury trials.


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