10 July 2006

I can't hear what you say...

because what you do is so much louder.

Okay.  We know that the Leftist loser in Mexico, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, in true leftist fashion, is challenging the results of democracy.  Henry Ortuno, conservative and hispanic—like us—has this reaction.  I share his sentiments in part, but I think there is more to it than lust for power.

The Left have always struck me as being so convinced of the superiority of their positions as to be blind to the fact that intelligent, well-informed, free, and even poor people would not elect them to office.  When they lose, this hubris, limits the possibilities to about two: either (1) their opponents cheated or (2) the electorate are too ignorant, ill-informed, unintelligent or somehow prevented from voting properly.  The possibility that voters who are intelligent, well-informed, and free would still not vote for them is unthinkable.  After all, why would you not vote for someone who was promising to  take from the “exploiters” and give to you, the “victims”?  Why, of course, you wouldn’t vote for such people if you did not know or understand what was being offered, or the opponent frightened you away from the polls.  If those possibilities are ruled out, then the only remaining possibility is that the opponent stole the election.  Somehow.  It’s just a matter of figuring out how the election was stolen.

Don’t get me wrong: Ortuno is correct; it is a lust for power.  But the Left hates democracy.  And don’t let them tell you differently.  Like Ortuno I speak from experience as a former Lefty.


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