27 July 2006

Underperforming angels?

Former Colorado Governor Dick Lamm is in trouble for what State Representative Terrance Carroll calls  “demonizing” a group of people.  His “demonizing” consisted of referring to a group of people as “underperforming,” and then offering suggestions about how they might improve their status.

“Demonize” means to make a demon out of, right?  Now, as I understand it, a demon is an evil angel—one of those who rebelled with Lucifer.  So then a demon is really just an underperforming angel.  Gosh, that doesn’t sound so bad.

Why is God sending all those poor underperfoming angels to the pit?

More than likely, Carroll was trying to sound profound when he damned Lamm by giving faint praise to demons.  It doesn’t really matter.  What he said moved the discussion nowhere—not even backwards.  Whatever word you want to use to describe where blacks and hispanics are when compared to other minority groups the questions still remain:  What is the best course of action to take in correcting the problem? and Who is directly responsible for taking that course of action?  While he was busy uplifting demons (beings, by the way, who intend humans more harm than terrorists intend Westerners), Carroll managed, apparently, to offer no answers to the questions.  Unlike Lamm, who probably cares as little about demons as I do.


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