10 November 2006

Hitchens on the Saddam verdict

No the other Hitchens:

“What a silly mess the tough liberals have got themselves into over Saddam Hussein. Their left-wing war against Iraq (and I don't see how else you can describe this idealist expedition, which wasn't in the interests of Britain or America) now leaves them either having to support the ex-tyrant's execution, or look even sillier than they already do. Mr Blair, of course, cannot look any sillier than he already does on this issue, and should just go away and leave us all alone.”

“Actually, if we were serious about getting rid of tyrants, we would not invade their countries, killing their people and causing chaos to them and to ourselves. We would approach them with offers of immunity from any prosecution, with the freedom to draw from their Swiss bank accounts and live out their days in wealth and comfort. As it is, these silly, hypocritical trials merely persuade the world's large club of despots that the only safe thing to do is cling to power until they die.”

Peter Hitchens, unlike his brother Christopher (who is better known to Americans because he's a citizen of the U.S.), is no fan, to put it mildly, of the war in Iraq. But you can't have everything, not even from people you'd probably like if you knew them personally.


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