08 November 2006

Home of the men without chests?

"We make men without chests and expect of them virtue and enterprise. We laugh at honor and are shocked to find traitors in our midst. We castrate and then bid the geldings to be fruitful." -- C. S. Lewis, from The Abolition of Man

Well, I did wake up this morning rather inclined to blame the Maligning Stream Media for successfully turning the nation once again away from a war we were winning, but upon reflection I have to agree with this from The Pink Flamingo Bar:

"No Madrid Bombing but we still voted in those who promised talk to terrorists instead of taking action against terrorists. Shall we attempt to blame the politicians who admittedly botched much in the last two years or shall we blame the American people? We got the Government we deserved as a people, we blinked in the face of terror. Excuses that the Main Stream Media misled us do not impress because it is possible to bypass the MSM if you care enough to know. You can get the information to make informed decisions about politicians if you have the stomach to face the facts as they stand. But for many those facts are too bleak, and instead of facing them, we as a people have decided to believe that reality only exists if we admit to it" (emphasis mine).

We are worse cowards than the Spaniards we chided. Fox News Radio Reports that this election was decided by 'independents' who believe that the 'war' in Iraq has not made us safe. And the empirical evidence which supports them? Why it must be all those terrorist attacks which have been occuring here for the past three years.

The Spaniards may have been cowards (and I was one who suggested that they were, I admit). But we're something worse: we don't even need to be attacked in order to be convinced that we're less safe. Even my English degree fails me in finding the appropriate adjective. Maybe that's because 'coward' was too strong a word to use in reference to Spain. We don't even have the courage to face facts, much less terrorists.

Attention citizens of Spain: I apologize for calling you 'cowards.' As it turns out, the cowards seem to live on this side of the Atlantic. As evidenced by the fact that they don't even have to be attacked before they puss out. The descendants of those who took on and defeated empires cannot stand fast in the face of men who hide behind women and children. Hell, the word coward no longer seems appropriate to use in reference to a terrorist. For when an American sees a terrorist hiding behind women and children he says, "Run away! Run away!" Lo siento.

Home of the brave? No. The home is now over-run by the spineless; the brave are stuck down in the cellar, with all the other things we no longer value. Soon enough, all those people leaving Europe because they want to be free may have no place to go.


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