08 November 2006

Wow. You really showed 'em

I've been listening to Michael Medved. Several callers have explained that for various offices they wrote themselves in on the ballot. Well, they didn't want to vote Democratic, after all. And who could blame them. But they wanted to teach Republicans a lesson.

That's nice. Now we can kiss goodbye any opportunity for getting at least just one more 'constitutionalist' (a.k.a. 'originalist') jurist on the Supreme Court. So we can look forward to being brought into submission to even more European laws--and any other laws which Liberal jurists wish to subject us to. We can kiss goodbye the continuance of the economy-stimulating tax rate cuts. We'll probabably also say goodbye to the 'Patriot Act'. (On one hand, 'Patriot' was a silly name, right up there with 'freedom fries.') We'll get another attempt (maybe even successful this time) at socialized healthcare. And that is just the beginning of the spending they will push for. And what's ironic about that is that people largely responsible for the Democrat win are angry at the increased government spending wrought by Republicans. What do they do to top that? Kill their mothers so that their fathers can't cheat on them?

Spank the whole nation, including some who have yet to be born, or immigrate here to get back at a relative handful of people. Hmmmm. Not much different than terrorist logic, when you think about it!

I hope the lesson was worth what we'll more than likely end up paying for it!

This looks like a good place for a line from "A Few Good Men": All you did today was weaken a country.

Of course, as Hugh Hewitt explains, the fact that anyone even wanted to teach anyone a lesson is in the end the fault of several key Republicans, at least one of whom did not get the spanking he deserved. Arizonans must have decided that the worst Republican (this guy writing here) beats the best Democrat. I'd have done the same. I guess. Maybe.


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