23 February 2007
Like other Neo-Calvinists I spend a lot of thinking about cultural renewal. One belief I have about cultural renewal is that it requires the inculcation of wisdom, one attribute of which is to ask appropriate questions.

Just this afternoon I heard a caller to The Sean Hannity Show say that he wishes all the money we've spent on the war in Iraq had been spent on finding Osama bin Ladin. He’s opposed to the war in Iraq. Fine. I can respect that.

Something I have difficulty respecting is the foolishness of thinking that anything significant will result from apprehending OBL.

A wise person (or at least one who would like to be wise) should ask, "What happens if bin Ladin is captured?" Do the terrorists lay down their weapons? Do they stop setting roadside bombs? Does Iran stop supplying weapons, and men, to the unsurgents? Do we all gather around a camp-fire, roast marshmallows, and sing kumbaya?


If capturing OBL is really worth all the time and money spent on the war in Iraq then certainly some great result is expected. I cannot see what that result might be. Certainly the war on terror will not simply end there. If a commander’s followers are any good battle does not end with his death or capture.

There is one more question: If we capture OBL, can we then focus on the war in Iraq? Or will there be some other objection to it?

I have my suspicions.


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