23 February 2007
Rush Limbaugh seems to think that there is something important to the fact that the United States haven’t fought a declared war since WWII. I doubt that Limbaugh would assert that the conflict in Iraq is an undeclared war. (I would agree if he wanted to claim that the 2002 authorization of use of force in Iraq constitutes a sufficient declaration of war.) But his statement to the effect that we’ve not fought a declared war in over 60 years amounts to a "So what?" to the charge, if one accepts it, that we are presently fighting an ‘undeclared’ war.

I happen not to think we are fighting an undeclared war. However, the Constitution gives to Congress authority to declare war. If someone charges that we are fighting an undeclared war the appropriate answer, whatever else it may be, should never be, "We haven’t fought a declared war since World War Two."

At least that’s how it should be if you really believe in the rule of law, which, as a Christian, I do.


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