22 January 2008

Good thing this isn't The Plague

Most people who undergo any sort of clamity, don't normally wish it upon others, especially if those others haven't done them any harm. Not this guy. He wants you and I to suffer for no other reason than that he is. And he thinks that you and I should know how it feels, assuming that no one else does know. "Bring on the complete and total collapse," he prays to his God. And he wants this because he has been in his own personal recession for seven years. I wonder if, before his private little recession began, he wanted to see a total economic collapse for the sake of those who, unlike him at the time, were suffering their own private little recessions. No, I think he was probably quite happy.

Whereas Descartes could say, "I think, therefore Iam," this guy says, "I suffer, therefore you should too." It's only fair, by some sort of twisted logic.

Imagine this man during The Plague.


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