11 January 2008

Jesus may love the little children...

but we don't.

I wish I had a transcript of this sermon by J. Steven Wilkins.

Here's an excerpt, making a connection between our society's hatred of children (despite all the rhetoric and taxes spent proclaiming our love for them), and euthanasia (of the elderly):

You can expect to see euthanasia laws extended.... They will be extended and enforced more brutally.... Do you really think that the children that have been allowed to be born from unbelieving, selfish parents who have killed three others and let one or two live -- do you think those children are going to be real compassionate about their parents? The rule in Europe and the rule here has been, "You can have children as long as they're convenient for you, as long as they don't disrupt your lifestyle, as long as you can afford them, as long as they don't bother you." Okay, so you kill four. You let two live. And they know they lived because they were viewed as convenient and inexpensive and not troublesome. What's going to happen when you get to be inconvenient and expensive and troublesome and disruptive? Those children will say, "Hey the rule is you can live so long as you're not disruptive to my lifestyle. You can live so long as you don't cost me very much. that's the rule. That's the way you viewed babies. Well, that's the way we view old people, because old people are troublesome. They're always getting sick. They always are falling down, and they break things. It's just disgusting. And they're expensive. Look at how much it's costing us to pay for these dead beat old people that don't work." You think I'm exagerrating? Go talk to some young people. Go talk to some American young pepole who are not Christians -- and some Christians. That's exactly the way they're talking. "You don't work," they think, "I'm not paying for you. You starve. And it's not going to cost me...a moment's unrest." And, you see, why should it, from their perspective? Why should it? We've taught them: If you can't conveniently afford children, don't have them. If children disrupt your lifestyle, don't have them. "Okay, [they say], if that's the rule then old people disrupt our lifestyle. They're a big problem and they complain. That's the other thing. They complain. They won't keep quiet. It's one thing if you're a dead beat. It's another thing if you keep complaining, and wanting more money for your dead beat no-work payments every month...." That's what they're saying. You don't think we'll be in favor of euthanasia? You don't think that could happen here? It's already happened in Canada and in Europe. It'll happen here, unless there's repentance, unless we quite hating children.(At about 19:00 minutes in.)
There is something about that penultimate sentence. We have been told that there's something wrong with us for not having universal healtcare because, among other things, Europe and Canada both have it. Europe and Canada both have euthansasia also. And I have no doubt but that the people at the epicenter of the quaking over healthcare want euthanasia also.


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