10 January 2008

Tyranny, with nature as the instrument

During a conversation with a co-worker yesterday I made mention of the fact that I think much of the excitement over global warming is a hoax. My friend was scandalized. How could I dare to think I knew more than scientists? And why would anyone perpretrate such a hoax?

I explained to my friend that while I don't refute arguments my pointing out political views they may have I do, however, tend to be suspicious of people who argue (a) that we are in some sort of crisis and (b) the way through the crisis is more government control, especially when this control is to be exercised at the highest levels. My suspicion does incline me simple to dismiss the claim. It induces me to listen closely to their arguments. The most oft-repeated argument is the one that appeals to the "scientific consensus". And when the consensus is questioned, the response is not review of the evident or presentation of new evidence (which, supposedly, is always being amassed). No, the response is to make rather nasty allusions to holocaust deniers. But what does make me inclined to dismiss them is the fiat declaration that the debate is over. (Notice that I only said "inclined", not that I do, in fact simply dismiss the claim.)

But what, my friend wanted to know, would be the purpose of such a hoax?

Well, how about old fashioned greed. Greed either for money or for power.

Personally, I lean toward the latter. So does Ed Iverson:

In one of his incomparable essays, C. S. Lewis criticized man's often insolent determination to control the forces of nature. He remarked that man's control of nature was frequently nothing more than man's control over other men - with nature as the instrument.


The global warming hoax is a dream come true for the global bullies intent on imposing their repressive regulatory regime upon a willing world of useful idiots. With an ozone hole here and a stranded polar bear there, here an oink there an oink, everywhere an oink, oink, Old Napoleon Gore had a farm; and pretty soon all the animals were explaining to themselves why the rules were constantly changing to advance the agenda of the swine who had assumed control in the house. The "chosen" go to Bali. The rest of us schmucks go meekly to our secure stalls in the barn. As the self-appointed dungeon masters softly close the iron gates, the plastic faces in Hollywood form a cheering chorus line. As we labor under increasingly onerous regulations, faint-hearted academics fearful of losing their grants gravely announce the absolute necessity of the new rules. (Here.)

Iverson, in addition to sharing my scepticism, also shares another concern I have about antropogenic global warming as a scientific theory: It isn't falsifiable.

Note: If I remember correctly, the "incomparable" essay to which Iverson refers is "The Abolition of Man."


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