25 August 2006

It's the revolution, man

Some of the other big news yesterday is the easing of restrictions on the so-called Morning After pill.  And, of course, anti-abortionists (a.k.a. pro-lifers) are angry.  In part, I can understand the anger, since I also am pro-life (since about 1990, two years after I became a Christian).  However, it has always struck me as odd that pro-lifers don’t attach sufficient weight to the fact that what they oppose (i.e., abortion and infanticide) is a consequence of the Sexual Revolution.

The Sexual Revolution has happened.  If people are going to be having sexual intercourse with the intent only of getting the pleasure involved in sexual climax, that is, no—or at least little—interest in having children, then, when contraception fails, abortion and infanticide are inevitable.  Want the consequences of the Sexual Revoltion taken care of?  Do something about the Revolution first.

But (if one is both Christian and anti-abortion) start with the Christian community, whose sexual mores—lets’ be honest—aren’t much better, if at all, than the mores of those outside the community.

Oh, yeah:  Those for whom abortion is just about a sacrament aren’t very happy about the restrictions.  It seems they’re still too restrictive, since minor girls are still required to have a prescription.  I should be nice to them, I suppose.  After all, they’re only trying to reduce by half the number of teen pregnancies in the U. S.

And there’s no point in bringing up the fail-safe method of reducing the number of teen pregnancies, because it won’t work: they’re going to have sex anyway.

Random thought:  If we handled gun violence the same way some want to handle teen pregnancy, rather than creating gun control laws we’d be issuing bullet-proof vests.  Gun violence is going to happen.  Better to just protect ourselves.


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